Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sepia Sunday: Proctor Logging Camp in Washington State, Summer 1947

Everett, Aune, Jayne Cook, Janis Proctor, Jean & Johnny Cook

Proctors and Cooks;  Joyce and Jayne;  Aune, Jayne and Jean

Ray, Johnny (in-laws=yawn), Everett, Aune & Rusty the Dog, Joyce & Jayne

The Everett Proctor Family at Ray Proctor's logging camp in the woods near Mt. Vernon or Startup, Washington in the Summer of 1947.

I am a little late for my Sepia Saturday posting, so it will be Sepia Sunday this week.


  1. Very interesting. Such big trees! Did they stay in the house while they logged the area?

  2. Oh my goodness what a great time they all can just tell! Thanks for sharing their time!

  3. Sepia Sunday is fine by me : whatever the day, the photographs and the stories are fascinating.

  4. @Kristin- I believe that Ray's family lived in what is labeled the "shack" in one of these photos. My mom's family (Everett) just visited.
    Thanks for the comments!

  5. Fascinating photos - Love the combination of work and family in the photos. It must have been something to live in the shack with the train tracks right out the front door.
    Sepia Sunday is fine by me, better late than not at all. Mine was posted just before Midnight Saturday, so I'm late to the party too!

  6. Really nice and interesting photographs. I'm thinking that log bench next to the tracks is really really close to the tracks.

  7. I am new to Sepia Saturday, where i found you.
    I love old family photos. Yours are wonderful.

  8. I had to come back and look again.
    I love the cloths the women wore then. Those slacks look so soft and comfy. My aunt Frieda wore slacks like that. The grouping of three photos, the far right one, reminds me of her.

  9. Wonderful old photos that bring back an era -- not only of the people, but a time before so much forest clear-cutting. I've been to Washington a lot, struggling to drive behind enormous truck hauling cut trees. Hope we can find a balance.

  10. beautiful family pictures, but it seemed like very hard work.... all that cutting and logging!!