Sunday, January 30, 2011

Laguna Beach Historical Society - Worth a Visit

Yesterday we happened upon the Laguna Beach Historical Society during our beach walk. It is housed in a quaint little cottage built in 1923 on Ocean Ave in Laguna Beach, CA. If you are in the area be sure and stop by and check it out. The house is beautiful and completely original. They also have an excellent collection of authentic historical photos, antique clothing and household items on display.
I understand that there is a need to raise $15,000 to preserve and make available Laguna Beach's collection of priceless historical documents, newspapers and photos. Some of which can already be seen here.
The property is owned by the bank next door and leased to the historical society for $1 per year. Hopefully, this wonderful little piece of history will be preserved for many more years to come, continuing to allow visitors a glimpse into the past.

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